Afro Puffs

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Afro Puffs

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Items needed: Comb (to make a straight part down the middle), two ponytail holders, a little gel, hair ornaments or clamps – optional.


Step 1: Wash/Condition your hair.

Step 2: Apply your products with damp hair, I use prefer a heavy leave-in conditioner.

Step 3: Spilt your hair into two sections and use a ponytail holder to make ponytails and let air-dry. Avoid using rubberbands, which can cause breakage use a cloth type ponytail holder.

To make a single puff in the center of your head, checkout the instructions for making a PHHB or a Brastrap Headband below.


* The direction the hair is parted is how it will flow when taken out. If you want to wear your all all back with a headband, then don’t make a part down the middle of your head.

* You don’t have to braid very tight, but braid with a firm hand and try to make a neat braid for a neat braid-out.

* Braiding with damp hair gives me tighter, longer-lasting braid-outs.

* You can also have different braid-out looks. Doing a “cornrow-out” or a “flat-twist out” with about 10 cornrows or flat-twists.

* Make sure that your hair is COMPLETELY DRY once you unravel your braids.

* For a “crimp” style, defined style create around 25 – 30 plaits.

* For a “deep wave” look, create 14 to 16 plaits.

* For a “chunky fro” go create 5 to 8 plaits.


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