Bantu Knots

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Bantu Knots


natural hair bantu knots

Items needed: Widetooth comb, rat-tail comb, spray bottle with water, rubberbands (optional)


Make sure your hair is detangled. If you have thick hair, you’ll need to work with one section at a time. Part and take sections of your hair (either two or four) and secure the sections you are not working with a ponytail holder.

Step 1: Begin by making a “ear to ear” part in the back and placing the rest of your hair in a ponytail.

Step 2: Start at the bottom right side and make a 1 x 1 inch section. (However the size of each section will depend on your hair length and your personal preference and the shape of the parts can vary from squares to ovals etc.)

Step 3: Take the section of your hair applies a bit of your product and twist it. You make want to keep a bottle of water to mist your hair as you go along.

Step 4: Take each twist, wrap it around itself so that it forms a little knot. not a real knot – it’s just wrapped around itself. To start off, you may want to place your finger on the scalp to keep the knot steady.

Step 5: Secure with a rubber band if necessary.



• When you unravel your bantu knots and fingerpick a little, you can end up with a fantastic looking textured ‘fro!

• When your style gets old or for a different look, take a scarf and wrap it around your edges.

• At night, I cover my hair with a stocking cap. This helps to calm the frizzies and to keep my hair looking good for the next morning.

• The next morning I spritz with my water/oil/leave-in conditioner mixture for moisture.


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