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Items needed: A blow-drier, a wide tooth comb and products.

*Please be very careful while trying to attempt to blow dry natural hair at home. Use the warm or cool setting opposed to hot and always use a heat protectant prior to blowdrying your hair.*


Step 1: Start off with a deep conditioning treatment.

Step 2: Detangle your hair with damp hair and a wide tooth comb to ensure an easier blowout session. Be sure to use a head protector before attempting to blow dry.

Step 3: Separate your hair into to at least 4 sections (depends on the length and thickness of your hair.

Step 4: Work with one of the sections and use and wide tooth comb to make sure it is completely Comb from the ends to the scalp.

Step 5: Begin blow drying this section with a comb attachment and continue until you are completed with your entire head of hair.

Step 4: At this point my hair is about 50% dry (my hair dries really fast). With a , I finger part my hair into sections and gently comb from the bottom up. Continue this process all over.


  • Try not blow dry your hair often. The extreme heat can damage the hair and many times it is irreversible.
  • Try to use warm heat instead of the hot heat to minimize any damage.

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