Braids and Braidouts

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Braids and Braidouts

Items needed: A comb (to section and part the hair), and hair clips (to keep the hair out the way), and hair products (gel or a pomade).


Step 1: With damp and detangled hair, grad a section of your hair (the size you use is your choice) and apply a little of your product on this section only.

Step 2: Take this section and part it into three pieces: outer left, middle, outer right.

Step 3: Place the outer left piece over the middle, and the middle piece becomes the outer left. Keep doing this process all the way down towards the ends. I usually leave about a half of inch and twirl the ends to make the braid stay together or you can use perm rods on the ends.

For a braid-out, I usually make about 15 braids the night before. In the morning I unbraid it and shake my head to make it full. (The more braids you make, the tighter the wave pattern will be and the longer the hairstyle should last.)


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