Brastrap Headband

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Brastrap Headband

brastrap headband

The brastraps I use (and the one in the picture above) are both taken from one of my strapless bras that doubles as a bra with straps. The tighter you make it, the smaller the puff will be. My hair usually covers the brastrap, but if it’s light in color (like white or beige) all I do is dye the strap with black tie-dye.

Step 1: With damp hair & products in your hair, use a very soft boar bristle brush and lightly brush up towards the center of your head. This is to help make the hairline smooth.

Step 2: Proceed to place your brastrap around your hairline and push the strap up towards the center.

I always adjust the tightness before putting it on. In other words I know if I plan on wearing a huge puff or a small puff and adjust accordingly before placing the brastrap on.

Step 3: Gently move up and position to the location you want your puff to stay in and snap the hooks in the back and you will have a puff!

Step 4: Tie a scarf around the hairline to smooth it down and keep it on for at least 15 mins. This step is optional.


• This brastrap headband does not have clamps, and you’ll have to tighten it once you place it on your head. You may mess up your hair in the process trying to tighten it, at least I did.

• You can purchase these types at Claire’s Boutique for a few dollars in various colors and designs (rhinestone etc).

• These types did not seem very sturdy and never felt tight enough on my head. I was always afraid one day it would break while I was wearing them. For that reason, I prefer using a regular brastrap from a strapless bra.

• After you put on your brastrap – DO NOT TOUCH your hair until it’s fully dry. I learned the hard way. My hair looks terrible when wet so I use to try and fix it while it was still wet. After it dried I had a mess! One day I didn’t have time to fix it. So I put it in a puff and left my house. After it dried it was beautiful and I learned a lesson – so keep those hands out of your wet hair!

• You can let air dry, sit under a cool dryer or use a hand-dryer (on low speed) to dry your hair.


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