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Combs & Brushes

Should you or should you not comb or brush curly, kinky, nappy hair? In my opinion nothing works for everyone and there is not a right or wrong answer. Some like to brush conditioner in their hair, others may not like their hair combed or brushed at all. Try various ways to see how it reacts to your hair.

Personally I rarely comb my hair and I occasionally brush my edges with a boar’s bristle brush while wearing a puff, ponytail or brush. To detangle, I fingercomb in the shower with tons of condition about once every two weeks.

Here are some pointers:

  • Take your comb or brush and run it across the top of your hand – if it feels rough you can imagine what it’s doing to your hair and scalp.
  • Try to avoid nylon bristles – they mostly have sharp edges and maybe tear or break textured hair.
  • Be sure to clean them often, especially if you comb or brush styling products through your hair. Check out the Staying Natural page.
  • Most importantly, be gentle while handling your hair.

Check out the list below that features various combs and brushes to use on your natural hair. Most can be purchased from beauty supply stores offline. Combs and brushes comes in various sizes, shapes and colors.


Rat-tail comb

DO NOT use the teeth part of this comb unless you’ve straighten your hair!!! Use the “tail” to:

  • Gently lift, separate, arrange the hair
  • Part the hair for twists, bantu knots or other styles
  • I also use it to gently scratch my scalp ;)

Wide tooth Comb

This comb should be one of your must haves if you don’t already own one. This is used to detangle your hair. Here are more details about detangling.

Mebco Tortoise Sower Detangler

This is just another type of a hair detangling comb that works really well.

Afro Pic

This comb is used to pick your hair out for an afro! It comes in all colors, different sizes and even ones with a fist on the ends! Make sure you comb from the ends to the scalp.


100* Boar’s Bristle Brush

This brush can be used to smooth back the hair for neat looking puffs, buns and ponytails. You don’t have to brush the entire hair, only the hair around the edges. Best used on wet hair.

  • Boar bristles are very soft
  • Won’t damage the hair
  • Wood brushed reduces levels of static electricity

Paddle Brush

This brush can be used if you wish to straighten your hair. First you detangle with a wide tooth comb, as hair dries, keep on detangling and combing with wide tooth comb (the hair should become semi straight).

Then brush the semi-dry hair in sections with the paddle brush.

Denman D4

There are various types of Denman Brushes. You can detangle first with a wide tooth comb. Then brush the conditioner or your styling product through. Many naturals prefer using the D4 which is a large styling brush with 9 rows of bristle. The bristles are very flexible and does not have ‘balls’ on the end.

  • For smoothing fine to medium hair
  • Smooth nylon bristles grip & control the style
  • Use with a blowdryer to straighten natural movement
  • The more rows of bristles, the better the grip

Denman D31 Medium Volumiser

The D31 has 7-rows of bristle and is recommended for medium to long hair length. I like this brush better than the D4 because there are less bristles and they are further apart.

  • Use for thicker hair types
  • Wide spaced bristles flow easily through the hair
  • Ideal for detangling or brushing wet hair

Vent Brush

Vent brushes have wide set bristles and holes in the base of the brush and is mostly used for blowdrying. Just be sure to detangle your hair before using this brush. The openings allow air from the dryer to circulate. The Vent Brushes are heat resistant and can be easily cleaned with a little soap & water.

How to clean your Combs & Brushes

1. Boil a pot of water.

2. Take the boiling water and immediately place into a large bowl.

3. While the water is boiling, you can take your brushes and under running water begin to comb the hair out your brushes.

3. Add a couple drops of detergent or bleach if you wish for disinfecting and stir.

4. Place your combs/brushes in the hot water and let sit for about 20-30 mins.

5. Take them out and let air dry.

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