Curl and Coil Defining Tips for Natural Hair

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Curl and Coil Defining Tips for Natural Hair

define your natural hair

For all of us, the weather impacts how we  wear our hair. Currently, where I reside the temperature varies, it could be hot and humid one day and then more cool and comfortable the following day. When wearing wash and go’s, I usually need to check the weather forecast and change up my products and techniques accordingly to adapt to the temperature and if there is a chance for precipitation.

If you’re looking for tips on how to define your curls and coils, check out the tips below provided by readers of

TIP 1: I define my curls by first shampooing my hair, then section my hair and apply olive oil conditioner  by pulling the product through each strand of hair to define the curl.  Next, I put on a plastic shower cap for at least an hour.  After rinsing the conditioner, I apply a curly pudding in each section, starting from the back.  I pull the product throughout each strand, and my curls are defined with each pull.  I allow the product to air dry and I am good to go for the day.

TIP 2: The best thing I’ve found for curl definition is to use a smoothing serum/pomade before setting or scrunching. I recently had some good second-day hair by using Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother on damp hair before I set it at night, and it helped minimize my frizz and keep my hair soft as it is silcone-based, so I only use it as-needed (mostly for second-day hair).

TIP 3: I like to use lots of pure aloe vera gel to help define curls. It wets the hair enough to stretch it and form coils and doesn’t feel sticky at all.  To me it feels more like a liquid than a gel, so it’s very easy to distribute throughout my hair.

TIP 4: For curl definition I use Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding.  I apply to my wet hair in sections, until my entire head is saturated with the product. Then I section into two strand twists and apply more product if needed.  A few days later (sometimes for a quick set, I sit under a hooded dryer for a few hours and unravel my twists when dry for a curly twist out look). Then I unravel my twists and rock a cute, curly twist out.

TIP 5: My hair is a  4A hair type and I co-wash and rinse 75% of the conditioner out.  I apply a small amount of olive oil to moisturize. I then apply Ecostyler gel for hold and allow my hair to air dry.

TIP 6: My hair is  4A/B with some 3C in the back. When I do wear my hair loose with defined curls I do a wash-n-shake-n-go. My hair can get frizzy so I can’t just wash and go, I have to do the shake too! So what I do is I co-wash with my favorite V05 or Suave conditioner and finger comb to detangle while the conditioner is in my hair, and then I rinse.  I then lightly hand ring my hair to get rid of some excess water.

Next I add an oil such as coconut, Hairveda’s CoCasta oil, or Carol’s Daughter’s Lisa’s Hair Elixir, followed by a creamy styler like S-Curl activator. The last thing I add is some FOTE aloe vera gel. The hair is usually still soaking wet so I lean my head over the bathtub and shake vigorously from side to side and back to front. I then finger comb the top and sides to make sure my hair is even.

TIP 7: My hair type is 3B and this is the procedure I follow to define my curls – 1: Wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo. 2: Condition with moisturizing conditioner. 3: While conditioner is still on the hair I comb through with a wide tooth comb, then rinse with cool water. 4: Gently squeeze excess water, then apply  Kinky Curly’s Knot today leave in conditioner. 5: Make 2×2 inch sections in the hair and apply Kinky Curly’s Curling Custard evenly (not too much or your curls will be crunchy) from the root to the tip. 6: Divide sectioned off hair into two sections and twist. 7: Complete process over the entire head and let  air dry.  8: Once completely dry undo twists and fluff.  9: At night lightly spray with water add a small amount of Curling Custard mostly to the tips and re-twist.  Once you get the process down, it takes  no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Please keep in mind that every head of hair is different so use these tips as a guide to give you some ideas to help you implement a hair plan that will help you define your curls and coils.


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