Dry Hair and Scalp Tips

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Dry Hair and Scalp Tips

Dear Kelli: I have natural hair, but my scalp is constantly dry. What should I do for dry scalp and to keep my both my hair and scalp moist?

Kelli: Keeping the hair and scalp clean, nourished and hydrated are important steps to healthy natural hair. Drinking plenty of water is the first step, you would be surprised at how noticeably different your body will respond. Water will flush out impurities of the skin, scalp and body while hydrating them at the same time.

I would also suggest to keep hair and scalp moisturized, I can’t say that enough, but the first step is to use an all natural moisturizer that does not contain harmful ingredients. There is a big difference including moisture retention which you will not get by using commercial brand moisturizing products. I personally love Sweet Nature by Eddie Dream Cream or Hair Milk.

Kelli Williams has been a professional hairstylist since 1995. Beauty and Image is her passion and she pride herself on being an advocate for healthy, soft hair while preserving the sexy style of the woman. She continuously educates herself by taking advance courses in hair trends, cuts, and multi-techniques in coloring. Visit her website at: HairByKelli.com.

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