Dry Hair Problems

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Dry Hair Problems

Dear Kelli: Hello! My 3 year old has what I would call very dry hair no matter which hair product I use, the hair seems to soak it up and leave it dry. Do you have any tips on what to do to make her hair a little more manageable?


Kelli: Believe me when I tell you that is this is the most common question I receive when it comes to caring for little girls hair. With two daughters of my own I have battled with that problem myself. There is one line of products that has helped me where I no longer have to battle this problem.

Sweet Nature By Eddie has been the best moisturizing product I have used period. Their products are all natural and does not contain harsh ingredients that will harm my daughters scalp or health.

I do use the entire system, but my favorite products for my daughter is the follicle oil, the Dream Cream and the moisturizing Growth Spray. The great thing about true “natural hair products” is that you can expect these products to retain moisture and not just disappear in a couple of hours.

Lastly, please stay away from products out that are marketed for children because in my experience they rarely work!

Good luck to you!

Kelli Williams has been a professional hairstylist since 1995. Beauty and Image is her passion and she pride herself on being an advocate for healthy, soft hair while preserving the sexy style of the woman. She continuously educates herself by taking advance courses in hair trends, cuts, and multi-techniques in coloring. Visit her website at: HairByKelli.com.


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