Easy Tips for Growing Longer Hair

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Easy Tips for Growing Longer Hair

Easy Tips for Growing Longer Hair

Have you been attempting to grow your hair longer at a faster rate? One area that oftens gets overlooked is the damage that hard water can cause to your hair. When evaluating your own hair routine, you’ll first have to determine if you live in an area that has a large concentration of hard water. If you’re experiencing dry or brittle hair and having hair breakage, it is a strong possibility that your hair is being impacted by hard water.

My suggestion to counteract this problem is to purchase a hard water test kit, which you can easily order online at places like Amazon.com. Another solution is to invest in a shower filter that softens your water for you. A lot of individuals don’t realize how damaging hard water can be to your hair and the damage it can cause.

When you have healthy hair, it’s smooth,. as each hair shaft on a healthy strand of hair is similar to shingle on the roof of a home, when the cuticle layer of the hair strand is raised. However, if your hair has been damaged and exposed to hard water and other style mishaps for a longer period of time, those styling mistakes along with hard water can cause your hair to become extremely brittle, dry, tangled, frizzy and damaged. This will slow down your chances of growing long hair in a quicker amount of time.

When your hair is not healthy and has undergone these types of problems, each hair shaft fails to lay flat. Keep in mind healthy hair is supposed to lay down this way. This smooth texture makes hair look healthy and pleasing to the eye. That’s why people with healthy hair, have shiny hair.

Always remember that properly caring for your hair is extremely important. Hard water can actually cause the scales on your hair shaft to lift. This lifting leads to misbehaving tresses which is the last thing you want for your hair. In order to grow your hair fast, you must use proper care. Good care ultimately leads to longer, stronger, more manageable hair that grows at a quicker rate; as opposed to hair that is not being cared for properly.

These are not the only causes of bad hair. When your hair is damaged, dry and brittle, it fails to absorb water or any other healthy styling aids and products that you use to pamper and tame your hair. Your hair care routine plays a major role in how quickly and how long your hair grows.

Did you know that the high mineral content of hard water actually makes the products that you use on your hair less effective? For this reason there aren’t any products on the market that will fix damaged hair! The ultimate goal for you, is to grow your hair quicker, but at the same time making sure that it grows healthy and long!

Understanding your hair and caring for it properly is essential in order to experience longer, stronger and healthier hair.

If you want to know the exact 15 steps to growing longer hair faster, there is an ultimate guide to grow your hair long here. The founder of this book with 4b hair, grew her hair to bra strap length and so can you.

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