Faux Homemade Curly Pudding for Natural Hair

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Faux Homemade Curly Pudding for Natural Hair

Have you ever noticed when you start running out of one hair product, other hair products start magically disappearing at the same time? If so, I may have a quick solution for you…try mixing the hair products! By doing this I discovered an excellent curly pudding that works great for both my wash and go styles and also set styles like braidouts.

I start out by taking a dime-sized amount of each product (minus the coconut oil) and mixing them all in a small container.

Next I took a 2×2 section of my hair, spritz with water, then applied the mixture on this section and lastly let my hair air dry. Once dried I was able to gauge to see if I needed to add or take away a particular product. Note, it took a couple of tries to create the right consistency I was looking for.

Once I was happy with the mixture, I took an old jar of gel that I had first cleaned out thoroughly and added the following products in order of amount used:

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls – Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream
EcoStyler Styling Gel
Beyond The Zone Super Sexy Styling Sauce
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Here is a photo of the mixture:


Overall, I am very happy with this “faux” homemade curly pudding. Not only is it a time saver, but it gives me the perfect consistency of hold, curl definition, moisture and softness in one easy step!

Note: Before mixing hair products, it’s imperative to test the mix that you have put together, prior to adding the new concoction into your jar. Remember, when mixing hair products some may leave white clumps throughout your hair.

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