Flat Twists

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Flat Twists


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Flat-twists are similar to cornrowing, except you are working with two pieces of hair opposed to three pieces.

Items needed: A rat-tail comb to make parts, hair oil or crème, rubberbands to hold the ends together (optional).


Step 1: With damp hair and a rat-tail comb, part your hair into a row going straight back or however you choose. (It doesn’t matter how close or far apart they are.) Place the rest of your hair into a loose ponytail to get it out the way.

Step 2: Place a bit of a light oil such as coconut or almond oil or gel on this section.

Step 3: With that row of hair, spilt it into two pieces: outer left and outer right. The thicker the section and the thicker your hair is, it will be more difficult it will be to twist.

Step 4: Starting at the front your right hand will be holding the outer right section and your left hand will be holding the outer left section of the hair in that row. You will only be using your thumb and index fingers.

Step 5: Place the left section over the right section.

Step 6: Go down the row and continue to twist one section over the other the other section semi-tightly.

Step 7: Twirl the ends to help keep them from unraveling.


• What helped me to figure out how to do them was by looking at myself do them in the mirror so I can see how much hair to grab.

• Make sure you keep the twisting going in the same direction so that your hair will be neat.

• The photo above shows my big flat twists. You can use these directions to make smaller ones too! I don’t get too fancy with them, nor do I do them tight.

When I take them down, I work from the back to the front.

• At night I lightly spritz with an oil/water mixture and cover my hair with a stocking cap.


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