Flowers From Fatima Hair Accessories

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Flowers From Fatima Hair Accessories

With spring around the corner and the warmer weather on the horizon, flowers are becoming popular to wear in the hair. The transition between this cold winter into the warm spring season can be easy and fun with the right type of accessories. Keep your hair looking beautiful all year around, while leaving it strong and protected with our guide to some of this year’s hottest natural styles and ways to achieve them:


Flowers From Fatima Hair AccessoriesEmpress of Angels Hair Comb

This floral hair comb is easy to use as it slides right into the hair, while holding hair in a smoothed position. Simply twist hair into a tight bun or ponytail, and slide the comb into the desired position. The beautiful thing about the hair combs is that they are durable and easy to use. They are also great for holding hair in place and adding a chic finishing touch to any hairstyle.

Combs are unique in that they fit comfortably in braided, or locked hair and can be worn to form a semi-headband, about the crown of the hair. They can also be worn in afros, to help pull desired parts of the hair back, forming a tiara-like style. Click here to view


Flowers From Fatima Hair AccessoriesPineapple Cocoa Floral Hair Sticks

Buns are excellent protective hairstyles and always perfect for special occasions. They also work well for the warmer weather. A simple bun is easy to dress up with elegant and unique accessories, such as hair sticks, or hair pins. These new styles of floral hair sticks are great for the spring and summer, where flowers are popular, but needed for simplistic styles that are pulled back away from the face.

These floral hair sticks are excellent for creating quick, chic messy buns that can be worn loosely, yet held in place. Click here to view



Flowers From Fatima Hair AccessoriesSouthern Belle Dahlia Floral Hair Clip

Floral hair clips are trendy and useful. They are great for ALL hair types and hairstyles. While they can be worn in the back of the head for a classic, clean look, they can also be worn about the face. They are excellent for updos, and work even better for curly styles, that are worn out. They are excellent for accentuating afros. A secure hair clip will also keep hair in place.

Floral hair clips are also ideal for protective hair styles, as they can be used to clip hair up, instead of using tight ponytail holders that may potentially break hair. Combine floral hair clips for a fuller and more vibrant style to any simple hairstyle. Click here to view




Flowers From Fatima Hair AccessoriesHoney Dew Melon Headband

Headbands are always perfect for accentuating simple hairstyles. They can be worn with simple ponytails and flowing hairstyles.

They are excellent for natural hairstyles and can be worn to hold afros firmly away from the face, while adding an eccentric touch. Click here to view








CEO of Flowers From Fatima, Fatima Spencer has contributed to the fashion industry as a floral designer for many years, creating chic head pieces and fashion accessories for women.

At 21, Fatima decided to share her love for flowers and natural beauty with the world through the founding of Flowers From Fatima, which is an online boutique that offers floral accessories for all occasions and women of all ages. Find more inspiring hair ideas and accessories at

As Flowers From Fatima blooms, follow the journey here.

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