Getting Bored With Your Hair?

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Getting Bored With Your Hair?

Getting Bored With Your Hair?

My hair was the most frustrating at the 4-6 inch stage. It was too long to be short and too short to be long.

Here are some ways I got over being bored and frustrated with my hair:

• I wore textured half wigs and lots of them. I kept my real hair cornrowed or flat-twisted and wore a variety of wigs while I grew out my hair. My real hair was protected and my boredom problem was solved.

• I made pretty scarves and bought nice hair jewelry. Wearing these made a huge difference.

• I wore hats and headwraps to give my hair a break. (Don’t forget to protect your hairline from the friction.)

• You can try getting braided extensions for a while. I didn’t go this route, but maybe it can help you.

Encouraging Thoughts

• Don’t buy into the natural hair myths. Natural hair is NOT unprofessional, dirty, or unmanageable. If you don’t care for your hair, any style will look bad, but embrace the beauty you were born with. :)

• This is easier said then done, but try not to think about hair growth. It’s like watching a plant grow. When you’re always thinking about growing more hair and constantly measuring it you will get discouraged. The average person only grows up to a half inch of hair per month, if that. Also with shrinkage, it will *appear* like your hair is not growing if you don’t straighten it. Spend this time concentrating on keeping your hair well conditioned and moisturized to keep it from breaking and before you know it, the growth will come!

• Speaking of with shrinkage, don’t be discouraged with it. It’s what makes our beautiful hair unique! With a little length, we are able to make our hair look short or longer without cutting it or adding extensions.

• Rain or humidity in the forecast? Don’t worry! Here’s another plus for being natural. No running from rain or swimming! In fact my hair seems to look a little better after a brief rain misting. Go on to the club and don’t worry about sweating your hair out! Take a shower without a cap and don’t worry about your straight hair getting poofy. And there’s no need to worry if your “new growth” is showing – because all of your hair is new growth.

• No more burning scalp, lingering “burnt hair” smell from curling irons and flat-irons and no more stinky “freshly relaxed” smell.

• No more seeing hair all over the bathroom floor and sink! When natural hair shed, it usually attaches itself to the curl/kink. So when you detangle it may seem like there is a lot of hair is in the comb – this is more likely the reason why.

• When you take care of your hair, you will have softer, stronger hair. The hair strands are not being broken down by harsh chemicals. Natural hair can be fun, unique and oh so versatile! Straight yesterday…curly today…wavy from a braid-out tomorrow! Don’t believe me? Take a look at my photos from the past year and a half and visit other wonderful hair journals as well!

• My personal input – Wearing my natural hair makes me more unique, confident, and proud and it is so freeing! I don’t like being in the center of attention but with this hair, it can’t be helped it at times. It feels great not to fight with nature and go with the flow. I also save so much time in the morning and going on vacation is a breeze! I use to pack all types of curling irons, hair products, worry and plan events around my hair…not anymore! Because of all of that this is not a trend for me, but a lifestyle.

Good luck!

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