Hair Adventures of an Adoptive Mom – Part II

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Hair Adventures of an Adoptive Mom – Part II

…Continued from Part 1

Finally December 2006 rolled around, and I traveled to Haiti to spend the final few weeks of the adoption with my daughter at the orphanage. I took down some hair stuff, but really didn’t use it much. I had thought I would just learn how to braid and twist from the nannies, but their hands flew so fast (and I always had a hundred kids wanting to play with me) it was a hopeless cause. I finally had the Hair Guru Nanny do a bunch of tiny twists with snaps on the end that I brought down, right before she came home with me on Dec. 23, so it would last as long as possible before I’d have to redo it. I figured I’d have my hands full as a new mom without having to worry about her hair, too. Since I run Snapaholics, I knew that my daughter, as my little sidekick, would have to always look GOOD! And yes, she is asleep in that photo. I am still able to do her hair while she is asleep, thank goodness!


Clear barrel beads and Style #10 Snaps Black rubber bands from Sally’s Beauty at the base.

With all my worrying, her hair has turned out to be an absolute joy! I LOVE braiding it and planning the next style, which beads and snaps to use. Should I band the base or not band the base? Should I do butterflies, hearts, stars, squares, flowers? Should I do all one color theme or a multicolored razzle-dazzle? Or should I take her across the street to my neighbors and let them put some extensions in? (Only until I learn to do it too!) I am probably a little TOO excited by it. I love to walk into my Snapaholics office which is spilling over with every shape and color of beads and snaps and ballies, and kind of gleefully clap my hands and dance a jig while I contemplate my next style.

Sometimes she picks the beads, sometimes I do. So far my favorite look in her hair was the new Glittery Shapes snaps I got in, which were EXTREMELY sparkly. So much so that I didn’t use any beads with them. Some of the fine glitter came off the snaps and was all over her scalp and I thought it was adorable (and yes, it washed out). The metal tail seamless bone combs I sell work great for parting her hair and combing out without snagging, and to top it all off, the Jamaican Mango & Lime products on my site work very well in her hair, and smell delicious, too.


Sparkle Flower beads and Style #3 Snaps Black rubber bands from Sally’s at the base (covered by the flower beads).

I like to combine the Cactus Leave In Moisturizer with the Cactus Oil in a spray bottle, and just soak her hair with it. But, by far, the most fun are the doodads. If anyone reading this hasn’t yet blinged up their girls’ hair with beads and snaps (forget those old rubber bands or heavy ballies on the end of the braids and twists), then you NEED to try them!

Then, in an overzealous moment of crazed doodaddy delirium, I went totally overboard on her little 3 year old head with not enough hair, and did what I called the “Party Do” Glittery Square Ballies with Transparent Square Beads and Style #1 Button Snaps This style would look good on a bigger child with a LOT of long hair. Next I went more sedate with small box twists all over, with her really short back area left free (I frequently leave this area free now in the hopes that it will catch up with the rest of her head!).

I continued along quite well, trying new things with the snaps (such as making a ballie out of two of them snapped to a rubber band) My biggest nemesis, besides the short and thin hair on the back and sides, was getting the parts straight….especially if I was doing the parting while she was asleep. I soon learned that the best thing to do was to part her hair BEFORE she went to sleep, at least in the major sections, then either continue the hairstyle after she fell asleep or do the braiding and twisting the next morning at breakfast. It was fun to let my neighbor put extensions in her hair, and I managed to shove my trusty beads on to the fake hair, snap the snap on, and burn the end of the hair up to the snap.


Shamrock Mix of Pony Barrel Beads, Style #17 Snaps, and Green 16mm Double Ballies, plus 10mm Clear Ballies.

One fun thing to do, since her hair is short on the sides, was to take glossy embroidery thread and string some beads on it in a long length, leaving empty thread in the middle, and wrap that around her side twists, securing it with the ballie, and let it dangle and jangle. She LOVED it. She requested butterflies recently, and got them in a big way, along with some Triangle Parts, for which I was VERY proud, as they came out awesomely symmetrical. Please notice how much LESS scalp is showing in between the parts since the first few style photos, likely thanks to better nutrition and the Jamaican Mango and Lime products I use on her. Finally, I re-negotiated the hanging butterflies into a few piggyback braids to go green for St. Patrick’s day, which only took about 2 Dora Episodes, in Preschooler time.

ll in all, I guess I was kind of worrying for nothing. The most worrisome moment SINCE she’s been home has really only been the time she leaned her head on the good bedspread right after I had oiled her scalp up! And it is a tad frustrating when she turns her head at breakfast RIGHT when I am about to wrap the end of the hair around the snap hinge and close it, and it slips out of my hands and beads go clattering. But other than that, I’m having a blast!

She just turned 4, and I don’t want to even think of that day I know is in her future, when she turns to me and says “Mom, come on, I’m too old for all that flowery bead stuff!” Enjoy them while they are young and think that the more bling that is on their head, the more they are like a fairy princess!



Stephanie, Mom to Gyrlande, age 4, home from Haiti since Dec. 24 2006



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