Hair Color to Cover Gray

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Hair Color to Cover Gray

Dear Kelli: Could you recommend a permanent hair color that gives the maximum gray coverage please?

Kelli: To be honest, it is hard to recommend a product (such as color) without seeing your hair first. However as a professional, I only use products that can be purchased by licensed professionals sold by high-end distributors. If you prefer to color your hair with darker tones or you have 50% or more gray hair expect to color your hair frequently.

You should choose to use less damaging products. Permanent color is not necessary, if you are just basically covering the gray.You may want to look into semi or demi permanent color (with no ammonia).

For at home you can look into the “Textures and Tones” line by Clairol for maximum gray coverage or go to a health and vitamin store and look into henna.

Please keep 3 things in mind:

1. As your hair grows you will see new growth and the color makes it more obvious,

2. All hair color fades over time and lastly,

2. Gray hair is stubborn, resistant and wirey. There may be times that you may feel you are constantly coloring your hair (this is actually normal for many).

So until you are ready to embrace your silver strands of wisdom (as I like to call them) just be prepared to include your color every few weeks or so.

Kelli Williams has been a professional hairstylist since 1995. Beauty and Image is her passion and she pride herself on being an advocate for healthy, soft hair while preserving the sexy style of the woman. She continuously educates herself by taking advance courses in hair trends, cuts, and multi-techniques in coloring. Visit her website at:


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