Hair Growth Recipe

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Hair Growth Recipe

MG Hair Growth Mixture

Use this mixture to stimulate hair growth. It could be used on a certain section of your head or all over – the key is to be consistent in applying the hair growth mixture.

Place ingredients in a container and mix well. Use one finger to dip into the mixture and gently massage into the area.

To make more of solid mixture instead of liquid, try using 4 ounces of coconut oil instead of the castor or jojoba oils.

The ingredients are known to aid in hair growth, which is perfect for helping regrow the hairline. It is fine to use a little every night, but only if you clean your hair often (at least a few times per week). However, it’s important to rinse off the heavy oils so they won’t clog your hair follicles – which can cause itchness and slow down hair growth.

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