Hair Growth Tips

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Hair Growth Tips

Natural Hair Growth Tips

“Hair growth is achieved when the scalp is uncontaminated with bacteria and chemical residue. Also when its environment is stable and clean, all tissues & vessel structures being healthy, the metabolic process of hair growth is ready for cell reproduction.” – Black Hairstyles & Trends Magazine – Jan. ’03

The Cycle of a Hair Strand: Hair grows from hair follicles and each individual hair follicle grows a single hair in a cycle. This hair cycle consists of a long period of growth followed by a relatively short period of rest. During the rest period the hair is still attached to the hair follicle, but it is not growing. After each rest period, the hair is shed, and a new hair begins to grow, and the growth cycle starts again. The life of a given hair is measured by adding the growth period plus the rest period.

• Genetics plays a huge role in hair growth. It gives a particular hair follicle a predisposition role to either continue growing new hair, to stay in the resting stage or not grow hair. There is no control over this factor, and there is nothing you can buy to speed up hair growth, but there are some things you can do to prevent your hair from breaking and assist hair growth.

• If you are a healthy woman, your hair is always growing. But if it’s breaking, you won’t see growth so it will appear as if it is not growing.

• Keep the hair moisturized with water. It helps the hair with elasticity and keeps it hydrated – our hair is very, very thirsty. When natural hair isn’t properly moisturized it will get dry and will eventually break off.

• Keep your scalp clean and product-free.

• Massage your scalp nightly to promote oil secretion and to increase blood circulation, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicle. U Use light oils such as jojoba, sweet almond, lavenderand/orrosemary. Use your fingers and in a gentle, circular motion all over your scalp. You can do this with or without oils.

• Also to increase blood circulation, try gently tapping all over your scalp or hanging upside down on the end of your bed for a few mins.

• Exercising helps to get blood flowing to the scalp and encourages growth.

• Over the years, many women have informed me that drinking protein shakes and/or taking amino acids has assisted in hair growth. (Note – you must workout if you plan to take these because the body will store the nutrients excess as fat if the body isn’t active).

• Take a look at your diet. Hair thrives on the proper nutrients. If you don’t eat right, try taking vitamins. Examples: GNC Ultranourishair, MSM, Evening Primrose Oil, Biotin, Flax Seed Oil, Silica, or Pantothenic Acid. Even one inexpensive multi-vitamin such as One-A-Day will do. This type of vitamin contains ample amounts of nutrients that hair likes, such as zinc and biotin. Each person’s body is different so result may vary. Don’t waste your money on ‘SuperLongHairPlusVitamins’. The body absorbs so much and the rest gets flushed out.

• Try using this rosemary mixture – soak rosemary leaves into distilled water and pour the water in a spray bottle and spray directed on scalp. Or try using regular rosemary oil and water – 1 part water and 1 part rosemary. Also, try this MG’s Hair Growth Mixture.

• Wear your hair in protective hairstyles to protect the ends from breakage.

• I don’t know about this, but I read about a few women who cut their hair according to the position of the moon and they said they had decent results. Check out the link for more details. Here is a link with the dates of the new/full moon.

• If you don’t straighten your hair often, don’t forget to factor in shrinkage. The first 6 months of being natural I was so frustrated because I thought my hair was growing really slow. I blow-dried my hair for the first time during this time and little did I know I had about 4 inches of new growth! With natural hair, the growth is hard to actually see because of the shrinkage. Hang in there and try not to think about it.

• Lastly treat your hair like a fine piece of silk and hopefully you will see results in time and try to be patient! FOCUS ON THE HEALTH OF YOUR HAIR AND THE LENGTH WILL COME!

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