Hair Reverting Back after Straightening

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Hair Reverting Back after Straightening

Dear Kelli: If you straighten you hair, what kind of moisturizer can you use to temporarily prevent your hair from reverting back to it’s original state?

Most of the time I have my hair in protective styles since it’s winter, but I felt like straighten my hair and some products that I use to moisturize makes my hair revert because they are water-base.

Kelli: That is a great question. I would suggest applying the moisturizer while wet prior to blow drying or if you air dry (with or w/o braids) to any heat styling.and sometimes mixing a little oil with the moisturizer will help. Moisturizers are going to be water based so use it sparingly or your hair will definitely revert back.

Keep in mind there is nothing that will keep your hair from completely reverting back, but there is one product I can suggest and it is called Joico Humidity Blocker. It’s a lightweight product that is designed to lock out humidity and eliminate frizz.


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