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Hair Tools

Here are some standard items I’ve been using on my natural hair for the past 13 years:

1. Widetooth comb: I have two kinds that I love..the K-Cutter comb (for basic detangling) and a “Beach Comber” comb from Sally’s this comb hair extra wide spaces and great for those days when I need some extra detangling.

2. “Ouchless” elastic bands for ponytails and buns. These do not have those metal pieces in the band which can cause tangles and breakage.

3. Bobby Pins: I can’t say enough about these. They are great for holding my hair back and securing the hair for buns.

4. Spray bottle: I love mixing concoctions up and spraying them on my hair.

5. Barrettes are great for adding that something extra to your look.

6. Headbands in different colors to match your outfits are great as well!

It may take some time to figure out your “must have” items so be patient. :)

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