Pros and Cons of Henna

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Pros and Cons of Henna

Q. I would like to lighten my hair color slightly. Is it okay to use with natural hair? What are some pros and cons of using henna and where can I purchase it?

A. Yes, you can use henna to color your natural hair. There are several pros and cons to consider when using Henna.

A Few Pros:

  • Henna can make your hair stronger because it bonds with the Keratin in your hair strands. Keratin–is protein found in hair.
  • Henna is natural. If properly applied henna is not harmful to the hair and scalp.

A Few Cons:

  • Henna should be applied by a professional because it can be very messy, time consuming and awkward to apply
  • Once henna is applied to your hair, you should not use a chemical hair dye on the hair that has been colored with henna. You have to let the henna grow out before applying chemical dye.

Pro or Con:

  • In some cases, henna will permanently slightly relax your natural curl pattern.

Henna can be purchased at your local health food store and some beauty supply stores.

Thank you,
Taliah Waajid

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