Holding spray for flat ironed natural hair?

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Holding spray for flat ironed natural hair?

Q: I have natural 4b hair. However, I switch up sometimes and blow dry my hair and get it flat ironed with curls. The curls often drop and don’t hold with rain/humidity. Are you aware of a holding spray for flat ironed natural hair?

A: Thank you for your interest.  Well you got me on this one.  Right now  I do not know of any holding spray that will work for hair that is flat ironed.  Because of the makeup of curly hair, avoiding this problem is difficult and close to impossible.

Moisture will make curly hair revert back to it’s natural state. There is nothing that can stop that. You can try using an oil to seal your hair strands which will help the press last longer but will not stop the hair from reverting once met with humidity.

Tip:  Use ceramic irons when temporary straightening your hair as opposed to a regular flat iron. Using ceramic irons or flat irons more than three times a month can damage the hair and deprive the it of moisture.

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