How to have ‘Good’ Hair!

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How to have ‘Good’ Hair!

How to Have 'Good' Hair.

How to have ‘Good’ Hair.

By: Bev Dickerson

One key rule to remember is anyone can have ‘good’ natural hair. Whether your hair type is 1a through to 4c, ‘good’ hair starts from the inside out!

Keep in mind, hair formation begins long before it grows out of the scalp.

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Each strand of hair is nourished with nutrients from our diet and grows from the hair follicle. Once the hair fiber grows out of the scalp, it is considered dead.

The first step to obtaining healthy hair starts with what we eat. We need to nourish hair follicles with nutrients from a clean balanced diet. In order to achieve maximum results, the food must be nutritious such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, vitamins from whole foods, fiber, essential fatty oils and lots of purified water. This step is essential in order to achieve healthy ‘good’ hair.

In addition to a wholefood diet, I would reccomend a quality multivitamin and taking the time to exercise. Any type of exercise will do, in order to increase circulation throughout your entire body. Another benefit to incorporating exercise in your routine would be to help clear out any leftover toxins remaining in the body.

Once I started drinking carrot juices, green salads, whole grains and increased my water intake my hair growth increased greatly and my skin became flawless.

After we have ensured our diet has been ‘cleaned ‘ up,  we can now turn our attention to treating our hair on the outside.

Some topical aids to consider are items that contain  peppermint or rosemary  essential oils which can help stimulant hair growth or products such as Wildgrowth Hair Oil or Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil . Also by using deep conditioning treatments regularly it can  help moisturize the hair, reduce shedding and breakage and also restore elasticity in the hair.

Keeping with this theme, we need to treat our body and hair as one. If we are nurturing our bodies with healthy wholesome foods, then we need to care for our hair likewise. In order to accomplish this goal, we need to clean or wash our hair with as little chemicals as possible.

By providing equal attention to our bodies through a good diet and utilizing proper maintenance of your hair; attainable results will come!

For further information on how to clean out your diet in order to start your good hair journey, please see my website here.

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