Repair Hair Damage Using Olive Oil

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Repair Hair Damage Using Olive Oil

Hair damage can occur when one’s hair is in a condition with dryness and split ends.

Often hair loss is very closely related with damaged hair as the damaged hair suffers from lack of hair nutrient which results in hair fall and that too in hue quantity.

It is a trouble that is concerning all sections of the society and especially the ladies section who love to go out with long and shinning hair. In such context, it becomes very important to find a solution to repair the damage caused and one of the most cost effective way to repair and prevent your hair from damage is use of Olive oil.

Olive Oils are extracts of natural herbal that nourishes the hair and makes it strong from the root. Daily application of olive oil provides the hair the necessary nourishment that it needs to be shiny and strong.

How To Apply: The process is very simple, small quantity of olive oil should first be taken into a container and then should be picked up in smaller quantities and be applied on separate sections of the head, ultimately covering the whole area of hair. This process will give the necessary attention to each and every section of the head resulting in better results.


A gentle massage after its application is always welcomed. Application of olive oil twice a day will be a booster for hair growth and development and results should be visible in fourteen days.

Along with olive oil, regular shampoo is also a key ingredient in repairing the damaged hair. Certain factors like dirt and pollution should also be taken into consideration and maximum efforts shall be made to protect the hair from such elements.

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