How To Wear A Scarf

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How To Wear A Scarf

Scaves for natural hair


Step 1: I usually wear a bra-strap headband to hold my hair up.

Step 2: Depending how wide you want it to be, fold the fabric in half to make the width smaller. I usually make it about 2 inches wide.

Step 3: Place the fabric evenly behind the head.

Step 4: Take the left side of the fabric and cross it over the forehead.

Step 5: Take the right side of the fabric and cross over the material in the front.

Step 6: Wrap the rest in the back and tuck it under the fabric.


• I’ve received a lot of inquiries from women asking how to place a scarf around their puff or ponytail. Ultimately, it’s all about practice. Hopefully these tips can help get your started!

• I always buy fabric material from a fabric store – it’s so much cheaper and there are lots of colors and material to choose from. I get them cut in various lengths and widths for different looks.

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