Is There a Nightmare Happening On Your Pillow?

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Is There a Nightmare Happening On Your Pillow?

By: Bridgette Simmonds

While you are fast asleep dreaming of long, luxurious hair, it is likely that there is an actual nightmare happening on your pillow!  Although your 2 million thread count sheets feel oh-so-soft against your buttery soft brown skin, your locs – if left unprotected – are being sucked dry of the moisture that is key to healthy natural tresses. The friction from the cotton pillowcase is also snapping off your hair one pretty strand at a time.

Your dreams of gorgeous hair will be a reality when you awake by faithfully securing your mane with a head scarf. Wrapping your hair nightly will provide protection from matting and tangling, as well as minimize the loss of moisture and oils from cotton pillow cases.

GWrap Hair Wrap

Scarves come in an array of fabrics made from natural (cotton, silk), synthetic fibers or natural/synthetic blends. The best ones for hair care being:

  • Natural (silk)
  • Synthetic (polyester, nylon)
  • Silk/synthetic blend

When purchasing a scarf, choose one that is:

  • Smooth, non-abrasive
  • Lint-free
  • Low absorbency to retain hair’s moisture
  • Adjustable & won’t shift or fall off (shifting causes breakage and that will kill the dream!)

Last tip!  When wrapping hair, avoid tying scarves directly on the hairline. Your wrap should fit snugly but not too tight. The G Wrap® scarves are your perfect choice for nighttime hair care as they are all of the above, plus they are cute too!  Made from quality fabric that will make you pinch yourself in the morning when you shake your gorgeous hair and think you are dreaming!  Order yours today!

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