MG’s Hair Routine

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MG’s Hair Routine

I keep my hair routine super simple since I exercise everyday:

Night Routine:

1. Lightly spray a little leave-in conditioner/water mix.

2. Place about a dime size of coconut oil in my palms, rub my hands together andĀ distribute throughout my hair. I concentrate on my hairline and the ends.

3. Then I put one or two loose braids in the back and tuck under.

4. Put on a scarf.


Style: High Bun

Morning Routine:

1. Unravel the braid and I almost always either put into a high bun or I leave it half up/half down. I useĀ bobby pins to hold my hair in place.

2. Finger comb my hair if I want a more afro/straight look or leave it semi-wavy.

Other Notes:
  • I “wash” my hair with conditioner about every other day or as needed.
  • Every 7 – 14 days I wash my hair with a gentle shampoo and use a deep conditioning treatment consisting of a deep conditioner and olive oil and I leave on for up to one hour.
  • I “dust” my ends about every 2 months. I put my hair into small twists and lightly clip the ends of each one with a sharp pair of scissors. I don’t wear my hair straight so it does not have to be perfectly even.
  • Everyday I pay very close attention to my nutritional needs. I make sure I’m eating enough fruits/veggies, healthy fats, proteins, good carbs and fiber plus I watch my sodium and sugar intake and drink a lot of water. Doing this has made my hair, skin and nails really flourish over the past couple of years.



Style: Half up/Half down






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