MG Spotlight – Alicia

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MG Spotlight – Alicia

AliciaQ: Where are you from and how is the natural scene there?

A: My name is Alicia and I’m from Orlando, Florida. The view on natural hair down here is view to most as a slave and to some as beautiful African princess. I still didn’t care what they said because I’m stubborn when it comes to changing my looks especially my hair.

Q. How has your experience been with natural hair?

A: I have worn my hair for two years and did transition my hair the beginning of February until the end of December 31 that’s when I got my big chop. It was so black, the color that I always wanted to dyed my hair, and fluffy like a newborn chick. I can’t stop touching it. I walk out the salon with a bright smile on my face.

Q. Did you have any support?

A. I have no support from any of my friends because they saw is breakage to my “real” hair that is perm hair. Some said I could still be natural just hot comb kinks out. Although I was displeased with their responded, I kept my hair growing. I didn’t know it was that big of a deal going natural that some of my friends stop being my friends. A few admire how much it had grown. My mother didn’t support my hair either and she tried to do my hair but she done it like it is still perm on which my poor locks were yak out. I didn’t let her go near my hair. I just have to said this I have been the biggest support towards myself.

Q: In your opinion, what has been some of the best things about having natural hair?

A: No more burns. No more malicious fumes and its affect on my taste in the back of the throat. I won’t have to put perm on my own hair and besides it looks dangerous. It is a good way to save a ton money. I will be more chemical free and that’s good for my health since I’m sensitive. I look damn hot and gorgeous. I could pull out any look that I want and I could experiment looks too. My hair makes me sleep better at nights I have used to sleep when I was a little girl. It love love love the rain! It is so fluffy that I want to stretch out my arms and just brush back and fort with my arms. It’s wonderful!


Q: What is your weekly hair routine?

A: I clip my ends four to six months. I’m still trying out new things like shampoo with sulfate, mineral, and petroleum free, conditioner, natural oil, light gel, and a nice deep conditioner that helps with winter days of dryness (for my scalp). I still use the shampoo to take out the dirt off my hair shaft but I didn’t do it twice the rinse just for the conditioner. I put my natural oil on my hair and let it sit for five as instructed and style as I please with my clear gel. I have done research on hair products and look it up on I know now that Garnier Fructis doesn’t care much on the natural hair because there’s a commercial that shows a puffy hair as bad and it become smooth symbolizing is good hair. Pantene Pro-V is not good because it has so much chemical and no naturals. So I stay away from those two products.

Q: What advice would you give someone who was thinking of going natural?

A: Do a lot of research and try to get the cheapest but good looking accessories starting around $0.89 cent to $2.00 dollars (that will save you a lot). Be innovative on your looks and don’t let negativity bring you down. Make sure health is at the top of the list naturally. Make your own recipe, that’s what I tried to do, and you won’t have to buy any products from the store except for ingredients.

Q: Do you have any final thoughts?

A: My final thoughts is don’t let your boyfriend/girlfriend change your mind or other people like friends/families discourage you because in the end you won’t be happy with yourself and that’s not fair for you. Another thing is be patience with your hair because it just taking its pace to grow like you was growing when you were small. Drink water is the main thing and lots of it. Remember researching and using the search engine will save you tons on your money and your health. Now go have fun with your hair. :)

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