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MG Spotlight – Bdivine

Where are you from and how is the natural scene there?

Hey everyone, I live in the UK, but I am originally from Nigeria. I have lived in the UK almost all my life. Being natural has being a journey and it is hard work, but it’s fun at the same time. I have also learned a lot about patience and perseverance.

How long did you transition and how long have you been natural?

I transitioned for about 4 months – from November 20, 2005 until March 15, 2006 when I did the Big Chop and it has been just over one year!

How you feel about your natural hair in the beginning?

During the first stages of going natural I wore my hair short, I received a lot of compliments because of the texture of my hair (many people said because I was African my hair texture should have being coarse not wavy. As my hair grew it became harder to manage, I was frustrated with it, people reminded me of how good my hair looked when it was relaxed.

I wanted to go back to wearing relaxers. but thank God for patience and diligence …I decided to give my hair a break since i’ve always worn it short, I was curious to see how far my hair could grow. Initially I did a lot of research and I started to appreciate my hair more after reading so many reviews and folders.

How much support did you receive when you decided to go natural?

When I first started people were like “oh you’ve changed your hair again?! We’ll see how long this lasts for?” I had a few friends who are already natural who prayed with me and advised me that it is so much easier to maintain natural hair than relaxed hair.

I also remembered that I did start growing my hair naturally a few years back but after going to University (College) I decided to relax my hair to be more acceptable. My dad loves the afro he says it’s the best hair a woman can ever have on her head because it is natural beauty – I received a lot of support from my parents!

Has there been any differences in your life from going natural?

Yes there has being a difference in my life since going natural, I’ve learned to apply patience in all things especially in my hair. Since going natural, I’ve learned to apply patience in all things especially in my hair, also to love my hair and accept pattern in which my hair grows. Having different types of hair texture on my head is not necessarily a bad thing.

My hair is so versatile that I love playing around with it and being able to do different styles without being limited or feeling restricted. It is so much easier once you get the hang of it.

What has been the best thing about being natural?

The best thing about being natural is the ability to be versatile with my hair, I can press it, I can put it in cornrows or twist or in braids, depending on the mood i am in!

How do you take care of and maintain your hair?

When my hair is out of braids, (which i usually leave in for about 4 weeks), I wash with Botanicals Almond and Coco Shampoo, and then deep condition with my home made recipe of avocado, olive oil and honey. Sometimes I just use Organics Replenishing Pak for a deep conditioning, then I use a leave in conditioner by Dark and Lovely, let my hair dry and oil my scalp with Wild growth Oil, and then style as desired.

My advice is to always moisture, and treat because the natural hair depends on that. Too much friction can cause hair loss. (I can personally testify to that).

If you were stranded on a deserted island and had to choose 3 things for your hair, what are three things you would have to have for your hair and why?

Water, Mango butter and my Silk 2 Perfect Moisture spray. Water because its hydrating and the body needs it. If I don’t drink enough water my hair wont be healthy. Mango Butter because it adds moisture to my hair and I don’t need grease because I wouldn’t want any build up, and lastly Silk 2 Perfect Moisture – because its a water based spritz for my hair to keep it moist and not dry.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking of going natural? GO for it!!!! do your research and think about it hard because it really is a Journey, PRAY for guidance and patience so that you can learn how to love you hair and accept it for what it is.

Once you love your hair you will realize how creative, and talented you are, because you get to try out new things with your hair, and you begin to become unique and Virtuous. Speak to positive people not negative people, people who are like minded because we know that iron sharpens iron.

Any Last Words?

First of all a big thank you to my maker and creator of Heaven and Earth, God. I would like to thank you all for the time you have sowed into reading my story, and for giving me the opportunity to share this with the peculiar ladies who are thinking of going natural or for those who are already natural but having doubts. thank you to many ladies who have left their folders opened on and allowed me to view their pages and get inspired. Thank you all so much, you have all aided my decision in going natural and I’m loving it!!!!

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