MG Spotlight – Deirdre

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MG Spotlight – Deirdre

Q. Where are you from and how is the natural scene there?

A. I am originally from Orangeburg, South Carolina, but I currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. Honestly, I really don’t see many people with natural hair here – I always seem to get questions like “how do you get your hair to look like that?” So it really can be frustrating at times.

Q. Did you transition to natural hair? If so, what were your experiences?

A. I have been natural since 1999. I didn’t really transition, I decided to let my relaxer grow out and gradually got the relaxed ends trimmed off.

However back in 2005, I became tired of having long natural hair, so I cut it all off and started all over again with a fresh start.


Q. Did you have any support?

A. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive much support from my family while transitioning. For the most part, I attribute their lack of support to their mind set that relaxed hair is better. I tried explaining the benefits of being natural to them, emphasizing that you will feel more liberated, but they never seemed to understand. Overall I have no regrets and I am very happy with my decision!

deirdreQ. In your opinion, what has been some of the best things about having natural hair?

A. The best part for me has to be being able to be free and get in touch with my roots (no pun intended). Also, it’s wonderful not having to worry about putting bad chemicals on my hair and scalp.

Q. How do you maintain your hair?

A. Here is my current daily routine:

  • use a olive oil conditioner every morning in the shower
  • deep condition my hair least once a week
  • my favorite hairstyle wear is the “wash and go”

Q. What advice would you give someone who was thinking of going natural?

A: Don’t let others discourage you. If your hair doesn’t do what you want it to do, just keep trying different styles and products. Over time you will eventually get the hang of it!

deirdreQ. Any final thoughts?

A. Try to be content with the hair God naturally gave you and your hair will love you back.


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