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MG Spotlight – Mary


Did you transition to natural hair? If so, what were your experiences? It took me several years to transition while I was in college and I’ve been natural for 5 years now. In the beginning, I was worried about what I could do with my hair, as I can be pretty particular about things. I wasn’t sure if I could find styles that I really liked…and having to deal with straight ends and textured roots was a challenge. To date, I’ve had years to experiment and try new styles that I love — my favorite would be the “half braided, half twisted updo”.

Did you have any support? Having natural hair wasn’t a popular thing to do because the majority of the media images of hair focussed on (long straight weaves etc.) I had a few friends who were growing their hair out when I started to; so I got advice from them. My brother still jokes with me and calls me Tracy Chapman but it’s all good, as I love my natural hair!

MaryIn your opinion, what has been one of the best things about having natural hair? The best thing about being natural is the ability to wear my hair in any style. It can be straight, textured, curled, or take any form.

Has there been any differences in your life from going natural? Going natural has helped me to step out into being the peculiar person that I believe I’ve been called to be. My natural hair makes me unique and gives me more versatility in my appearance, so that I’m no longer easily bored with straight hair.

How do you maintain your hair?
I make sure that I keep my hair washed and conditioned at least every two weeks. The most important part of my hair care, is keeping my ends clipped and oiled on a regular basis.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and had to choose 3 things for your hair, what are three things you would have to have for your hair and why? I’d have to have a silky scarf to protect my hair while I sleep, jojoba oil to keep my hair moisturized, and scissors to keep my ends clipped.

MaryWhat advice would you give someone who was thinking of going natural? Learn your hair texture and how to work it! I didn’t know what the true texture of my hair was until I got all the chemicals out. I thought my hair was very unmanageable, but over time I learned that it wasn’t as coarse and as hard to manage as it seemed.

Now that I use shampoo and conditioner that is made for my hair type, my hair is easy to maintain. So I’ve learned what my texture is and which styles work best with it. 2. Be confident: Depending on where you live, natural hair care may not be the norm and there will be times when you feel challenged to chemically straighten your hair. But be confident in what your texture is and be bold in your uniqueness. It adds flavor to the environment! (lol). And over time you will have people coming to you for hair advice and wishing they didn’t have a chemical dependency (perm).



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