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MG Spotlight – Megan

Where are you from and how is the natural scene there?

I am from the southern sector of Dallas, Texas. The natural scene is virtually non-existent. Occasionally, you will see a natural sista but not that often. Styles down here consist of updos, quick weaves, “Fantasia” hairstyles, and braids. So when I wear my fro out or rock a textured hairstyle, you know I stand out from the crowd & I love that! I was never really the type to get the hairstyles that are popular here so it was nothing to me to be different.

How long did you transition and how long have you been natural?

Well, I went full throttle and just cut it all off. I have been natural now for a year and some weeks and I don’t regret at all the decision I made.

When did you decide to go natural and why?

I always knew over the years in the back of my mind that I wanted to eventually go natural. But when Jill Scott came out on the scene I knew without a doubt I was going natural. It just took a while to do it.

After doing much research on natural hair, I came across &

The next thing I know I’m in the bathroom with those little elementary school scissors cutting all my hair off. Mind you, I’m the type that never got her ends trimmed when I had relaxed hair!

How was your transition and did you feel about your natural hair in the beginning?

I wasn’t at all nervous about my transition from relaxed to natural hair. I was more anxious to see what I and my hair would look like once I got it to a length where I could do a lot of hairstyles. When I saw my relaxed hair in the zip loc bag I put it in. I was sort of in shock at first, but never regretted it for second.

How much support did you receive when you decided to go natural?

Looking at various hair journals through was my support as well as the women apart of the message board there; women who were already natural who gave great advice and eventually convincing me to make the “Big Chop”.

I actually found through and it definitely help justify my decision to go natural.

Since I’m in a city that doesn’t have a strong napptural population, it’s hard to ask women around me for advice, but websites like these, dedicated to informing sisters on their natural hair, helped make napptural experience a positive one thus far.

Has there been any difference in your life from going natural?

Since becoming natural, I am definitely on the journey on learning to accept myself for who God made me. Relaxing my hair was so much more than trying to straighten it. It was trying to keep up. It was trying to live this preconceived standard. It was trying to be something I wasn’t. So I’m trying to love more of myself, day by day. And going natural was apart of that process.

What has been the best thing about being natural?

The best this about being natural is that I can do just about anything to it like coloring, braiding, twisting, whatever! And with proper care, I can still maintain health, strength, and elasticity. Also, the best thing about being natural is that I stand out from the majority.

What is your favorite hairstyle and why?

The twistout and braidout are definitely my favorite styles. It’s so versatile and I absolutely adore the texture it provides to my hair. After wearing a twistout or braidout, I either wear it out in a ‘fro or just pull it back in a puff. Love it!

How do you take care of and maintain your hair?

My basic routine consists of washing my hair once or twice a week. I try to do a hot oil condition every other week. Between then I do a honey/olive oil condition where I saturate my hair with honey and oil before I wash.

I braid or twist my hair almost each night with some Cantu Leave In Conditioner or the Blue Magic Coconut grease.

I’m still researching and experimenting of different hair care methods, but for now, this is what routine consists of. Very basic, but absolutely works for me.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and had to choose 3 things for your hair, what are three things you would have to have for your hair and why?

  • Honey – To keep my hair conditioned and if I’m on an island I have water so I could wash it off.
  • Cantu Leave-In Conditioner – Creamy, detangles, conditions, and has a wonderful smell.
  • Blue Magic Coconut Grease – Keeps my hair lush, shiny, and conditioned.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking of going natural?

JUST DO IT! Transitioning is cool, but I would advise any sista wanting to go natural just to cut the perm all out. I’d admit, I wasn’t comfortable with the TWA, but I wore braids and wigs for a few months and when I got to a length that I was comfortable showing, it was all worth it.

Thank you for being the’s Spotlight of the Month!

Shout out to for giving me this opportunity to possibly inspire sisters to make the decision to go natural. Also, to the beautiful ladies at

Check out Megan’s hair journal!

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