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MG Spotlight – Pamela


Q. Where are you from and how is the natural scene there?

A. I’m originally from Texas by way of California and now I am currently living in Columbus, Ohio.

Q. Did you transition to natural hair? If so, what were your experiences?

A. I transitioned for about four months and I have been natural for almost three years now. Whether my hair was relaxed or natural, I always love and take care of my hair. Obviously, I love it much more natural and unmanipulated – especially since the healthiness is unbelievable!

Q. Did you have any support?

A. I didn’t have overwhelming support friends and family. Honestly it always seemed to annoy me that people would say that I had ‘that kind of hair.’ that I could be natural (which is nonsense IMO). However, I do have some great friends who are natural and texlaxed.

PamelaQ. In your opinion, what has been some of the best things about having natural hair?

A. I just feel more aware of the gorgeous ‘stuff’ that God made especially for us and I’m amazed daily by what it wants to do.

Q. What is your weekly hair routine?

A. I’m a slight product junkie, but at the same time I have a simple routine. I co-wash maybe once a week and afterward I’ll either pull it back into a puff or twist my hair. I’m in an interesting transition right now, as I was recently diagnosed with cancer and underwent months of chemotherapy and radiation. So my doctor was quite shocked that I still have hair. Personally I am convinced that because my hair was natural and stronger without the chemicals in it, to battle with the chemotherapy treatment. Unfortunately I have lost a lot of my hair, but I still have a bit!

PamelaQ. What advice would you give someone who was thinking of going natural?

A: While going through the process you may be shocked at times, but understand that it is the hair that grows out of your hair. Love it and appreciate it, because it’s that way for a reason. Examine the reasons why you would even have second thoughts about being who you really are.

Q. Any last comments?

A: I have been a fan for years of your website, It is truly wonderful and I wish you continued success. after all, your natural website benefits all of your sisters out here trying to spread the word!!! All Black is beautiful!!! God Bless, Sis and thank you for allowing me to go on and on, upon my soapbox!

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