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MG Spotlight – QuirkyCoils

MotownGirl Spotlight - QuirkyCoils
Where are you from and how is the natural scene there?

I’m from Donaldsonville, Louisiana which is a very small town, along the west bank of the Mississippi River. The natural scene here is surprisingly growing, for the most part its older women that have chosen to wear their hair natural..

How long have you worn your hair natural? Did you transition? If so for how how were your experiences?

This time around I’ve been completely natural for almost 4 months now. I did my big chop on April 23, 2011 and my last relaxer was New Year’s Eve.

How much support did you receive when you decided to go natural?

I did not have much support at all, from family and friends. Overall it’s been a hard journey, but one I knew in my heart that I was ready to endure. During my transition, my mom and sister had a complete change of heart…they love my hair now!

MotownGirl Spotlight - QuirkyCoils

Have you had any negative experiences while wearing natural hair?

I’ve had many negative experiences! At times it seemed like everywhere I turned someone was questioning my decision to cut “all my pretty hair”…but I just smile, and say “It’s’ll grow back!”

What has been some positives things about being natural?

I love that I don’t have to spend so much time obsessing over my hair. When I was relaxed, I had to constantly worry about whether every hair was in place, to what would happen  to my hair if it was raining outside, or if I was sweating too much when I was working out. When you get rid of these types of stresses, you’ll start to notice a huge difference in your personality and find that you’re a lot more easy going. I also love how my hair feels and looks like real hair (soft like cotton candy.) Finally, I think it’s one of my greatest accessories. It’s so big, wild and sexy. It just fits my personality.

How do you take care of and maintain your hair?

I sleep with a satin cap on and I moisturize my hair every other day.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking of going natural?
Going natural is not a phase, it is a commitment! In order to successfully rock your natural hair you must commit to keeping it healthy and beautiful, never second guessing trying to learn yourself on another level.

MotownGirl Spotlight - QuirkyCoils

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