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MG Spotlight – Sah-Raa


Q. Where are you from and how is the natural scene there?

A. I currently live in Tallahassee, Florida. The natural scene is on the rise with the large number of African-American college students who live in the city.

Q. Did you transition to natural hair? If so, what were your experiences?

A. I’ve been completely natural for 18 months. I got my last relaxer in December of 2007. I cut the last of my natural hair off in January of 2009, and I’ve been happily natural every since.

Q. Did you have any support?

A. My friends were extremely supportive of my decision. My family was…we’ll say was ‘less supportive’ unfortunately.

Q. In your opinion, what has been some of the best things about having natural hair?

A. Since going natural, my hair is much healthier. There is a noticeable difference in how thick and vibrant my hair is in comparison to when it was relaxed.

Q. Do you have a hair routine that you follow?

A. Honestly, I’m still learning to care for my natural hair and trying to figure out what works for my hair and what doesn’t. For now, my main focus is keeping my hair healthy and moisturized.

Sah-RaaQ. What advice would you give someone who was thinking of going natural?

A: Going natural and being natural is not for everyone; however it can be very rewarding if you are truly dedicated to seeing it through. Entering a natural hair journey will have you questioning the standard of beauty and will test your confidence.

Most importantly, embrace the hair texture that you have been blessed with. I don’t believe in good hair/bad hair, because every hair type has its pros and cons. So love the hair on your head and have fun experimenting!

Q. Any final thoughts?

A. I’d say to mentally prepare themselves to break societal norms and gain patience. Although going natural is an extremely rewarding experience, it is also a trying one. If a person is not mentally and emotionally prepared to forgo the Eurasian standard of beauty, they are not ready to experience being natural.

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