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MG Spotlight – Samara


Q. Where are you from and how is the natural scene there?

A. I am from Cleveland, Ohio and I do not see many women with natural hair in my area. However, when I do see a woman with natural hair it makes me smile, because women with afros, twists, braidouts etc, are very beautiful to me.

Q. Did you transition to natural hair? If so, what were your experiences?

A. I’ve been natural since early 2009 (9 months). I was planning on transitioning, but after 2 months of being fed up with my breaking hair I just chopped it all off.

Q. Did you have any support?

A. My mother and some of my friends didn’t want me to go natural. My only sources of support came through my best friend and fiance when I went natural.

Q. In your opinion, what has been some of the best things about having natural hair?

A. I feel free, proud, strong and much more accepting of myself now that I am natural. I can honestly say that I have finally accepted myself as a whole from “hair” to toe and I’m loving every minute of it!

SamaraQ. How do you maintain your hair?

A. Once a week I wash my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, followed by a hydrating conditioner. I deep condition my hair once a month, which keeps my hair soft and detangled. For daily maintenance, I moisturize my hair daily with Curls Milkshake and I usually wear two-strand twist using shea butter. My favorite hairstyles are cornrows, afro, and defined curls.

Q. What advice would you give someone who was thinking of going natural?

A. Being a natural-haired women you have to have tough skin, since there are some people who will not understand the beauty in which you chose embraced.

Q. Any final thoughts?

A. I have a saying:”My beauty is not defined by the look of my hair, my skin, my lips, nose, or face, but it is better defined by the way in which I embrace it.” Be patient with yourself and your hair, it is all worth it!

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