MotownGirl’s Hair Story

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MotownGirl’s Hair Story


MG in 1986.

As a child, I had big and thick hair. My mom usually kept my hair in 2 or 4 pigtails. At age 13, I begged my parents for a relaxer for high school, and of course I got my way. ;) It was kind of like a ‘rite of passage’ into the teen years and it was the thing to do. After 10 solid years of relaxing, I decided to stop and there were many reasons why:

1) I was in awe with my new growth. During high school I was at the salon just about every Saturday morning. During my undergrad years, my parents stopped giving me money to get my hair done every week. Since I couldn’t afford to go to the salon as often, I got extensions for a couple of months at a time ($4.25 an hour @ 10 hours a week = a poor college student).

The first time I removed the extensions, I loved what was growing out of my head. I could not keep my hands off the new growth. I wondered how it would look being longer and trying to stop relaxing, but I got fed up with the two textures.


MG in 1997.

2) I felt fake. When I started college and observed some women of other races jump in the shower, wash their hair, and go, really made me think. It was the first time I questioned my personal reasons for relaxing every 6 weeks like clock work. It made me wonder why is it that some women of other races can wear their natural hair texture and not us? (People with curly hair are not cursed with that hair texture, just misinformed on how to handle it – at least I was).

3) I was spending too much money! doing the math, I am saving over $1500 per year by doing my own hair! Sure I spend money on products, but I still saving so much money! (My last relaxer was in November 1999 and that was the last time I’ve been in a salon…hair related anyway – still have to get my manicures and pedicures!) :)

4) After seriously considering it, I thought about other perks: I don’t have to give up my Saturday mornings & afternoons at the salon (I never liked going there), I don’t have to worry about the weather (or plan events around my hair) and my scalp wouldn’t burn anymore etc.

I never had problems with relaxing (breakage, see-through ends etc.), but I was getting tired of the same boring flat look…but it was the only thing I knew. I searched high & low for information dealing with unaltered natural hair. I tried reading “natural hair magazines” but many of those styles were created by weaves or they show you a picture, but don’t explain how to re-create it.

Other hair magazines only focused on braids and locs. Then I tried visiting natural haircare websites, but most of the those offered very little information on haircare, but was more of a portal to sell products or books.

So it officially began – I began the transition to natural hair quietly. I was nervous and apprehensive. At first I only disclosed this to a couple of close people – who were extremely supportive.

MotownGirl's Hair Story

MG in 2010.

Once I began to wear my real hair, I didn’t take many pictures, it was quite an adjustment. After about three months, I decided to document my progress and experiences and started this website. I’m glad I did. It’s great looking back and to see how much my hair has changed and transformed.

This website is intended for anyone who needs real information regarding natural hair care. I am not affiliated with any hair care company or product, so I can assure you that all of my comments and experiences are truthful. Although everyone is different, I hope you are able to take away at least one tip that works for you. :)

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