Natural hair during winter months

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Natural hair during winter months

Q. I have been all natural since March 12, 2009 and this will be my first winter with natural hair. I find that my natural hair is responding different…it is drier and I believe shedding more.

Does hair shed more in Winter than summer? Could you give me advice to address this issue please. Thank you!

A. Congratulations on your decision to become natural.  Based on my experience, there seems to be more hair shedding in the winter in comparison to the other three seasons.  During the Fall season I would begin to prepare clients hair for the weather change.

More hot oil treatments and deep conditioners are a must.  This will not stop the shedding but will help to reduce the amount of shedding, split ends and breakage.

I suggest you try our  African Healing Oil and the Enhancing Herbal Conditioner.   These both work great to add moisture and combat the drying that can come from the Winter weather.  Remember to clip your ends at least every six weeks.

Thank you,
Taliah Waajid

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