Naturally Grow Your Hair With Protein

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Naturally Grow Your Hair With Protein

By Janice Johnson

It can be easy to simply turn to the many different chemically enhanced products on the market today to help increase the rate your hair grows but it is not often the safest route to take. Protein is a natural vitamin which can be found not only through supplementation but through the foods we eat as well.

Since your hair is essentially a protein itself, when you consume a regularly low in protein diet, this may not only create irregular hair growth but stunted growth as well. With this being stated, the opposite is therefore true. When you choose to consume a rich in protein diet your hair will not only grow at a faster rate but it will be healthier overall as well.

Protein is composed of the essential amino acids which are required in order for new cells to build and this includes in your hair as well as the rest of your body.

Some of the foods you will want to begin including in your regular diet include lean meats, fish, poultry, dairy products, soy, nuts and grains. By choosing to eat just one of these foods per day can help boost your protein levels and therefore help the growth of your hair.

It can be hard to believe just how much your diet has to do with your hair growth or lack there of but nutrition plays a large role in every aspect of our lives. You will find today there are many protein hair treatments on the market as well to help boost your hair growth and the overall health of your hair.

Don’t be mistaken to think you have to have the ability to grow hair in order to utilize the natural healing powers of protein; it can work for everyone. If you have found a pattern of losing your hair, visit your physician and find out exactly what your protein levels are, perhaps this is the major problem, not your genes.

At your local general retailer you may find not only shampoos and conditioners claiming to be protein treatments but also gels, creams and mousses; all with the same goals. Although these treatments and products do have their advantages it is always best to either start with natural protein through diet and then combine it with these products or simply go all natural and see where it takes you. For some, diet may be enough to see results where for others, it may take a combination of natural and chemical.

Don’t let marketing and advertising make you think if you are going bald there is nothing you can do. Your hair is based on protein and therefore consuming the proper amounts through diet and proper supplementation may be enough to change your hair growth dramatically.

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