Olive Oil Treatment For Dry Hair

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Olive Oil Treatment For Dry Hair


Olive Oil natural hair

  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1 plastic cap or plastic grocery bag

Heat oil in the microwave until warm. For easy application, carefully pour the olive oil into a spray bottle to the ends and dry parts of your hair (avoid getting it on your scalp). You can use your fingers too, but I found the spray bottle to easier. After you have applied the olive oil, put on an old shower cap or a plastic grocery bag (I prefer the grocery bag).

For a deeper treatment, wrap a hot towel around the shower cap and leave on your hair for at least one hour. Apply shampoo directed to your hair without water first, then slowly work the water in. You can choose to use conditioner afterwards if you wish.

Make sure you rinse the olive oil out in your kitchen or bathroom sink – not in the shower! If you rinse in the shower, the shower floor will become slippery.

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