Pantyhose Headband

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Pantyhose Headband

pantyhose headband

Items needs: A knee-high or a pair of pantyhose (used to hold your hair back or up). 


Step 1: Wash/Condition your hair.

Step 2: Apply your products, I use a little gel.

Step 3: Spilt your hair into two sections and use a ponytail holder to make ponytails and let air-dry. Avoid using rubberbands, try use a cloth type ponytail holder.



Here are some various ways you can make your own PHHB:

• Use a black knee-high

• Cut a piece near the toe to make ponytail holders

• Cut a piece near the thigh to make a headband

• Cut the legs for a longer headband

• Use the elastic waistband part for a headband

• Use a ‘hair bungee cord’

• You can also use a trouser sock or a thick shoelace to hold your puff back

• You may have to push it up once you tie it. It may take a few times to determine where you want to place it on your head

• You can also try to use a bra-strap headband as well

• I’ve been wearing these since I first became fully natural and never had a problem with breakage. The key for me is to switch up the location of the puff (sometimes I place it at the top of my head, in the middle or really low), and never, ever wear them tight. Also I do not sleep in them – it may cause breakage from friction and put stress on the hairline.


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