Rockin’ the Perfect Holiday Style

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Rockin’ the Perfect Holiday Style

Rockin’ the Perfect Holiday Style

By Kendria Hudson, Textured Hair Extraordinaire

It’s the holiday season, and I know all you curly and kinky hair mavens want to give those twinkling lights a run for their money when you enter the room. When trying out fabulous new textured styles to captivate at office parties and New Year’s soirées, keep in mind that certain hairstyles fit certain face shapes.

If you have an oval shaped face, you can rock just about any style you choose beautiful! Up do’s, short and curly, a sleek blowout — your styling options are infinite with your versatile natural mane.

If your face is square shaped, your aim is to soften the jaw line. Opt for styles that soften and stretch your curl pattern and frame your face. Maybe even try some clip in extensions this holiday

Heart-shaped ladies should try side swept bangs. Get creative with those kinks! Create a natural hairstyle that incorporates a side-swept fringe (bang).

On a triangular face, high buns and short curly coifs are ideal. The idea is to pull attention away from the prominent chin and broaden the forehead. Try an edgy pompadour for an awe-inspiring look.

Diamond faces tend to be long, so to balance it out, try a front fringe. Bangs will shorten the face. For those of you doing the straight thing in this blowout friendly weather, try wispy layers that create a narrowing effect to your broad cheek bones.

An oblong shaped face tends to look long, with a high forehead. Remember: bangs shorten the face. Try stretching your curls/kinks to create a fun loose style that falls over one eye and frames the face.

Every perfectly wrapped package needs a bow, so let’s not forget those hot holiday hair accessories! A popular fall trend is gold hair accessories. You’ll be a show—stopping diva in your little black dress with a glamorous gold hair accessory to add just enough sparkle.

Are you more of a leopard print girl? (I am too!) Try wearing a soft, leopard print headband from with your stunning fro. You go grrrirl!

It’s cold out there, so you’ll need a hat! Be adventurous ladies, try hats this holiday season. Find fun ways to make them work with your textured mane. A low bun with a sleek fedora is a sexy way to sport a hat.

Remember to tie the hair under the hat with a silk scarf to minimize breakage from friction. Be beautiful this holiday season divas!

Kendria Hudson is a natural hairstylist at Ebony Persuasion Salon in Houston Texas. She is also a mother, student, writer, and holistic living enthusiast. For questions or for more information email her at kendria.hudson (at)


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