Sisterlocks vs. Locs

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Sisterlocks vs. Locs

Q: I am trying to decide between Sisterlocks or locs. I am attracted to Sisterlocks due to the size. How small can I begin with locs? Thanks in advance for your help.

A: Thanks for your interest. Sisterlocs are beautiful and very versatile; however you can achieve the same versatility with locs that are professionally started and groomed to be small/fine. Once your small locs are started and with the proper information you will be able to do the upkeep at home.

There are pros and cons to both techniques. I can help you with your questions about any size loc style but for information on Sisterlocs you would have to find a Sisterloc stylist.  In reference to how small you can begin your locs, I would have to see your hair in order to give you an answer specific
to your needs.

I will post a photo so that you can see the size of my locs.  They are small and I wear them curled, crimped, pinned up and many other styles.

Taliah Waajid

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