Staying Natural Tips

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Staying Natural Tips

Staying Natural Tips

• Condition, condition and condition! Indulge in weekly/bi-weekly deep conditioning treatments.

• Water (as long as it isn’t hard water) is your friend.

• Protect it from cold air and sleeping at night. Sleep with a stocking cap or with a satin scarf/pillowcase. I cut the top of a pair of stockings. My scarves always ended up on the floor. :)

• Leave it alone. I know, I know. It’s easier said than done. ;)

• Limit your heat usage or cut it out completely.

• Stay away from products that strip or dry the hair. Here is a website that lists various ingredients used in hair products.

• Don’t comb dry hair. That’s asking for trouble AND frustration. Try combing while soaking wet (or at least damp), covered with conditioner, and with a wide-tooth comb. Work from the ends of your hair up to the scalp.

• For longer hair, try shampooing/conditioning/combing in sections.

• Do not rub your hair when towel drying. Hair is very fragile when wet. Try squeezing instead.

• Take care of those ends! This is the oldest part of your hair. Rub a little oil on them at night.

• Are you experiencing excessive tangles and knots on the ends? That is a sign that you are in need of a trim.

• Get trims as needed. Holding on to split ends will do more damage than good in the end.

• More than likely you may have different textures on your head. Some parts maybe tightly curled, other parts maybe a bit looser. That’s just the way it is. The more you get use to your hair, the more you will figure this out and deal with it.

• Experiment, experiment, experiment! The only true way to know how a product works or to create different hairstyles is to use them and practice. Don’t wait until the important night comes to try a new product or style. On a day you’re staying at home, experiment then tweak as needed. Then you’ll know in advance and there won’t be any surprises on your big night. :)

• DRINK WATER! It’s important to hydrate the body inside-out. Here’s a tip. Use a 16 oz. jar and fill it up 4 times a day. Have a glass when you wake up, one before lunch, one in the evening and one before going to bed and bam – you’ve met your water requirements for the day! Your hair, your body and your skin will thank you…trust me. When you spread the amounts out over the day, you don’t go to the restroom as much.

• Lastly, maintaining your natural hair should not be very difficult task. Once you accept it for what it is and learn to do different styles, it will only get easier.


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