Strawsets and Rollersets

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Strawsets and Rollersets


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Items needed: Rollers or straws, bobby pins, hair clips (to keep hair out the way), comb/pick & setting lotion.


Step 1: Wash/rinse your hair and comb-out.

Step 2: First, gather your rollers or regular drinking straws and cut them to your desired length. You may have to play around to determine the size you like. I cut them in half.

Step 3: Take a small section of damp hair and apply a little of your product. (What I use stated at the bottom of this page).

Step 4: Keep the hair straight and roll the hair around the straw or roller from the ends to the scalp. If you are using straws, pin them down with a bobby pin. If you are using flexi-rollers, fold the roller in half.

Repeat you are complete. When you are completed, you can either let air-dry, sit under the dryer or do a mixture of both (15 mins under the dryer and let air-dry the rest).

Note: The amount of time will depend on the length of your hair and how many rollers/straws you use.

Step 5: Make sure your hair is completely dry then remove each straw/roller. Then gently shake your head and let the curls fall. I don’t like to mess with the curls.



• At night, I use a stocking cap. In the morning I take it off and do a little shake and be on my way.

• I use these kinds of rollers for rollersetting. Perm rods can be used as well, the curls will turn out much smaller and tighter. I have tried other rollers, but this type has been the best for my hair as far as comfort and they way my hair looks after usage.

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