Tips for Damaged Hair

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Tips for Damaged Hair

Help for Damaged Hair

• The first thing to do is figure out how your hair became damaged. If you use chemicals are you overlapping the application of relaxer/texturizer/hair color? Maybe you’re wearing a tight hair bonnet while sleeping? That can cause friction which could lead to hair breakage. The way you handle your hair may have a lot to do with the damage that has occurred. If so, try the following:

• Use hot oil treatments and/or deep conditioners.

• ApHOGEE Treatment for Damaged Hair. This is a highly concentrated protein treatment that is used with heat after shampooing. This product helps to stop breakage and to repair damaged hair. The protein and heat bonds to your strands strengthening and making them stronger. It makes your hair very hard…don’t comb, brush or agitate why drying. Use a moisturizing conditioner afterwards and the results last for 6 weeks. Never use this product often – too much protein WILL cause breakage. You can purchase this from Sally’s, but I find the local neighborhood beauty supply store) sell them for less and they have them in sample packages that has the ApHOGEE shampoo, conditioner and the protein treatment sold together.

• L’Oreal Ineral Hair Fixer. This product is used after shampooing (do not use conditioner). It restructures restore elasticity back into your hair. Don’t rinse it out.

• If all else fails, go see a professional beautician if the damaged is beyond repair for a haircut and start over. Don’t worry, hair does grow back. :)

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