Tips on transitioning with a texturizer

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Tips on transitioning with a texturizer

Q: Hello Taliah – I’m taking the right step and going natural, but I need some advice. I currently wear my hair short with a texturizer. My natural hair is coarse and very dry. Please advise me how to have healthy natural hair.

A: Congratulations on your decision to become natural! A daily moisturizing spray is one of the most important steps for achieving and keeping healthy hair. I suggest you use the Protective Mist Bodifier.  This product will help eliminate breakage that usually occurs while growing out chemicals because of the two different textures of hair.

Healthy hair begins with clipping your ends to remove the chemicals.  Shampooing and conditioning at least twice a month, a hot oil treatment at least every other month and a daily moisturizing conditioner will have your hair on it’s way to becoming
and staying healthy.

For styling I recommend you use the Lock It Up.  This alcohol-free gel defines and compliments any curl pattern, no matter how tight or loose and it dries light and soft to the touch.

Taliah Waajid

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