Tips on transitioning without the big chop

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Tips on transitioning without the big chop

Q: I’m truly considering growing out of my relaxer. Can you give me tips on transitioning without cutting my hair? (Products, techniques, hairstyles etc.)

A: Hello Tanga,

Thank you for your interest.  Congratulations on your decision to  transition to natural! Here are a few upkeep and styling tips for transitioning without cutting your hair

Transitioning from chemicals to natural is a crucial time for your hair. To avoid breakage you must use products that provide the   moisture needed for both textures of hair you will have.  (Your new growth and the hair that is relaxed.)  I suggest you use the Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier which is a daily moisturizing spray that will help prevent breakage.  Clipping your ends about 1/4 of an inch at least every six weeks is mandatory to avoid split ends and breakage.

Styles you can try:

Crinkle set: Can be done on wet or dry hair.  If the hair is wet,  after shampooing apply Taliah Waajid Crinkles & Curls Natural Hair foam to the hair. Twist or plait the hair into med. to lg. sections.  Use a sponge roller, foam roller or rod to set that  section.  Sit under dryer until dry and undo the plaits or twists. Your hair will have the appearance of being wavy/curly. You can use  the same technique on dry hair for an overnight set.

Ceramic pressing: is another way to transition your hair to natural. This option allows you to continue to wear your hair in styles you are   used to wearing while transitioning. Be very careful not to use a setting that is too hot.  Using too much heat can permanently straighten your natural hair; which defeats the purpose of transitioning.  When having ceramic styling services it is best not to straighten the hair too much.

Updo’s: Depending on the length of your hair, an up do is always an option for a cute hairstyle that can fit in any setting. Lots of hairpins and/or bobby pins are required. I suggest you purchase several decorative hair clips as well to compliment your up do.

Thank you,
Taliah Waajid

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