Transitioning to Natural Hair

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Transitioning to Natural Hair

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By: Master Stylist Karen Gary

Are you contemplating growing out your relaxed hair? If you answered ‘yes’ I hope this three part series helps you achieve the positive results you are aiming for.

To get started, you might be wondering what does transitioning to natural hair mean? Transitioning is the process of growing out relaxed hair and replacing it with new natural hair that hasn’t been damaged over a period of time. Some women have been receiving chemicals for so long, they aren’t even aware what type of hair texture they have.

At this point, you should have a combination of natural hair and relaxed hair. Keep in mind, once the hair has been processed it has to grow out, it cannot be stripped, fixed or replaced. An important tip to remember, is the point where the natural hair and relaxed hair meet is extremely fragile. Please remember to take extra care when handling your hair.

A typical transitioning process can take up to one year to grow a whole new head of natural hair. Although our bodies produce new hair on a daily basis, the amount of time this entire process will take will vary on each individual person. This is due to many factors including genetics, lifestyle choices, etc.

Some hair and beauty companies teach consumers that you can use their products to get great hair, but often times women have to go through the transition process to get to the newer hair that we often desire.

Transitioning to natural hair is like a new birth to get to know the real you. Be advised you may experience moments of frustration and negativity, be sure to stay the course by using your inner strength to overcome obstacles.

The next part of the series will focus on the various options that can be used to transition So stay tuned for Part 2!

Master Stylist Karen Gary always been a gifted stylist, displaying excellence in cutting and styling hair.  She offers new clients a plan and a promise: A one year relaxer free journey with her expertise as a guide, a choice of 12 easy to use at home maintenance products designed to assist with growing out the relaxer, and the promise that her plan will return their hair to its strong, thick, long, healthy, natural state. To read more about her salon and services visit:


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