Trimming Natural Hair Tips

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Trimming Natural Hair Tips

Q: I am wanting to get my hair cut/shaped. What is the best way/method natural hair should be cut?

A: Thank you for your interest.  I suggest you have a professional cut your hair.  Interview the person you choose to cut your hair. This person does not have to be a natural hair care specialist. They must know how to cut all types of hair.

You should ask the following questions:

  • Are you a licensed cosmetologist? (You have the security of knowing they went to school.  The next questions you ask will confirm if they learned anything about cutting while they were there.)
  • Do you cut natural hair? (What special natural hair tools do you use to cut natural hair? There are not special tools needed to cut natural hair.  If the stylist starts to tell you of some—run.)
  • Can I see some current photos of your haircuts?
  • Can I see some current photos of natural hair you have cut?
  • Can I see some current photos of natural hair you cut that is the texture of mine?

Once you see photos of natural hair that looks close to your hair texture, and you feel comfortable with the answers the stylist has given, you can discuss style of hair cut. Tell the stylist that you will sometimes want to blow your hair out.  A good hair cutter knows that when the hair is curly you are less likely to see the flaws in a cut, but when the hair is straight it is very difficult to hide flaws.

Taliah Waajid


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